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TOSHOKU CO., LTD. is developing foods by using micro-powder of soybean and cereals as raw material and aiming at prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and realization of healthy food life.

Our Philosophy of Opening Up Business

Currently there are eighty-five hundred billion of famine refugees and 1.2 billion of poor and needy people who are compelled to reduce their living expenses to less than US$1.-/day in the world. Half population of the world are needy people whose living expenses are less than US$2.-/ day and such people seek support/assistant day-to-day to international society.

The warmth of the sun would be shared by such people as well. America who is the world's most powerful nation and America who is the world's largest grain producing country. Our Philosophy of Opening Up Business is to make efforts for food aid by providing excellent and welll balanced nutritional foods in spite of extremely low price through combine the grains (ex-USA) with Japanese technology (ex-Toshoku Co., Ltd.)

TOSHOKU is a company catching importance to ESG.

  • To catch importance to Health & Infection Control Measures for impoverished people.
  • To catch importance to providing less expensive & nutritionally balanced foods with impoverished people.
  • To catch importance to corporate governance.



TOSHOKU is supplying wholly micro-powdered soybean product containing useful ingredients of soybean.

For example, our Micro Fine Soybean Powder does not produce "OKARA" at the time of making tofu which means effective practical use of resources and substantial cost-cut is expected due to shortening manu-facturing time. Also, any wasted matters are not come out and so our product is gentle to environment.
In addition, soybean can make use of developing various kinds of new food products, by putting physical properties of soybean such as water retainable, cohesive and emulsifiable characters to practical use efficiently.
For your reference, concerning raw material, carefully selected and well ripened soybean is provided by our contracted farmers, and such raw material of soybean is not genetically modified.


Why soybean is attracting users' attention?

Soybean is called as "meat in the field" since old times. So, soybean is enriched nutritive food which is very familiar with Japanese people. In proportion to increasing an intake of meats and westernization of life-style, consequently, lifestyle-related diseases are increased and so concern for health is rising up in these days.

According to the recent study, ingredients contained in soybean (isoflavone, dietary fiber, protein of good quality, any other biological activated substances) are effective for prevention from lifestyle-related diseases of which matter is generally accepted.


Remarkable nutrients of SOYBEAN







100% Soybean Powder is dried and powdered product as it is after eliminating cuticle In order to make good use of soybean wholly.

By using soybean wholly, effective ingredients in soybean like dietary fiber can be used without any waste.


TOSHOKU's motto

Our motto for soybean
* Not genetically modified
*Contracted farmers (provider of soybean)
*Strictly selected and well-ripened soybean

Our motto for GOLD type
*Eliminating cuticle and then super micro-powdered after drying (1,000 mesh through)
* Peculiar smell of soybean is deodorized.
*Suitability to every kind of foods is considered.


Code Name Main characteristics Main Usage
  Mesh Size NSI  
Sliver 10 ~ 20 micron 85 ~ 90 soybean curd, baked cake
Platinum 10 ~ 20 micron 70 ~ 75 yoghurt, fermented foods, beverage, processed foods, bread etc.
Gold 10 ~ 20 micron 40 ~ 50 beverage, bread, confectioneries, processed foods


  • NSI (Nitrogen Solution Index) is the ratio of water soluble nitrogen in total nitrogen and is indicated in percentage.
  • Our using soybean for food usage is Canadian origin and high grade of quality.
  • TOSHOKU is usually handling the products with above specification. But. besides these standard items, TOSHOKU can also supply the users with the specific products conforming with users' required specification. So, please feel free to contact and consult with us any time.
  • Life-time from production date: Silver 3 months Platinum 12 months Gold 12 months
  • Storage: Before opening bag, direct sun-light & high temperature/humidity should be avoided and please keep at the dark and cool place well-ventilated. After opening bag, please keep in refrigerator after eliminating inside air as much as possible and tightly-sealed.
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Marketing Development


Introduction of manufacturing plant

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    Powder manufacturing plant

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    Tofu making machine

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Comparison with new process and traditional process of TOFU (Bean Curd)


MERITS in TOFU production by Soybean Fine Powder "SILVER" type

  • Total production time is only 40~60 minutes.
  • Energy cost could be cut down by more than 60%.
  • Use of clean water could be reduced by 80% on average.
    (In case of large tofu maker, cutdown by 90% could be possible.)
  • Due to (3) mentioned above, drainage water could be reduced by 80% and significant reduction of disposal cost could be possible.
  • By contributing to environment improvement, company benefits and national interest could be expected.

* Clean water consumption in Tofu industry segment in Japan is 15,000 kgs against 1,000 kgs of whole soybean (unprocessed) on average.


Company Name TOSHOKU CO., LTD.
Foundation in 1971 established Iwasho
In 1985 changed the name to Japan Soybean Co., Ltd.
In 1996 again changed to Toshoku Co., Ltd.
Capital 30 million Yen ( JP 30,000,000 yen)
Location (Registered Head Office) Yagi Maedokoro 23, Yagi-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto -fu, Japan 629-0141.
(Factory) same as above
Correspondence TEL & FAX: +81-771-42-5889
E-mail: toshoku@skyblue.ocn.ne.jp
Business Activities 1.Sales of Soybean Fine Powder production Plant
2.Sales of machineries of Soybean Fine Powder production plant
3.Sales of Soybean Fine Powder
Representative Mr. Zentaro Iwamoto, Managing Director
Bank Reference The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsusbishi UFJ Ltd.
The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
Kyoto Shinikin Bank
History 1971 started to produce and sell Soybean Powder In small scale.
1985 changed company name to Japan Soybean Powder Co., Ltd. and started to produce and sell Soybean Fine Powder in medium scale.
1987 developed new species of soybean contain-ing high amount of protein by collaborating with a big enterprise of seeds & seedlings in USA.
1994 developed production plant of 1000 mesh soybean fine powder.
1996 changed company name to Toshoku Co., Ltd.
1999 sold and delivered to USA company large scaled production plant of 1000 mesh soy-bean fine powder.
2000 started to sell the installments of highly concentrated soybean milk.
2006 newly developed the equipments of Lipoxy-nase. eliminating the characteristic smell of soybean (4 patents applied )
2013 obtained international patent for Large Scaled Production System of soybean fine powder.
2016 development of soybean yogurt.


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